Upcoming Vape Show Events for September 2018!

August 29, 2018

Upcoming Vape Show Events for September 2018!

Check out Phix Vape at Vape Korea Expo 2018 in Gyeonggi-do, Korea & VAPEXPRO 2018 in Athens, Greece!

This year, join thousands of vape enthusiasts for the magnificent Vape Korea Expo. Serving as an immersive interactive experience, The Vape Korea Expo will showcase the latest in vape technology produced by Korean and international brands and a manufacturing companies. Despite the enormous criticism electronic cigarettes and accessories have faced concerning vaping products’ safety and government regulations, the Korean market has continued to flourish and expand each year. With the mission to provide users with a safe and effective means of utilizing vaping technology, join the industry’s leaders in Trend Seminars, Vape Art Shows, and celebratory feasts as they discuss effective marketing, sponsorship, exhibiting, and networking opportunities.

Greatest Closed Loop Electronic Cigarette

This event not only entertains and informs the vape community, but facilitates business ventures between buyers and retailers and provides transparency of the vape industry to the immediate public. Attending this event will provide the opportunity to hear from lead professionals including public and government officials, entrepreneurs, exhibitors, and international and local press coverage. In addition, the vape community will be pleased to know that Phix Vapor will also be in attendance, allowing patrons to sample their award winning premium e-liquid flavors including Butterscotch Tobacco, Hard Strawberry, Ice Tobacco, Original Tobacco, Spearmint, and Infuzion Cool Melon and Blue Raspberry. With the aspiration to produce the greatest closed loop electronic cigarette in the world, rest assured their presentation will exceed expectations.

Love and Support the Vape Culture

Attendees will also include some of the world’s lead health specialists, rising mini vape, e-cig and e-liquid manufacturing companies, and marketing and promotional specialists for those interested in establishing their own brands in the industry as well. In an ever expanding market, don’t miss the exclusive opportunity to venture into the foundations of the latest trends, latest devices, and in-depth discussions of future endeavors. The Korea Vape Expo has become a catalyst for information, interactive activities, and the formation of healthy business ventures, ultimately innovating the industry and revolutionizing the way vape enthusiasts enjoy vape products. Whether you enjoy vaping, would like to start a vape business yourself, or simply want to be informed as to the latest devices and safety precautions, the Korea Vape Expo is your stop for the love and support of vape culture.

PHIX Vapor will be attending Korea's first ever vape show Vape Korea Expo 2018 in South Korea on the following dates! Sept 7th (Friday)- Sept 9th (Sunday).
PHIX Vapor will also be attending VAPEXPRO 2018, represented by SUBOHM.com in Athens, Greece on the following dates! September 8-9th, 2018.
Anyone who can attend these shows, we would love to see you there! Come meet the PHIX team and sample our award winning premium e-liquid flavors! We will be giving away PHIX merchandise and apparel so make sure you stop by our booth!
Aspiring to be the best closed loop system e-cig device, we are always excited and appreciative to have the opportunity to introduce our product in a new country and bring vapor awareness around the world. With many similar devices on the market we hope that our drive and experience shows PHIX to be the best pre-filled pod system device!

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