Can You Bring a Vape on a Plane. Carry-On vs Checked Baggage

January 16, 2019

vape juice carry on bags airline restrictions

In the past decade, vaping has grown from a niche hobby to a widespread phenomenon. Millions of people using vapes as an alternative to smoking, but much like tobacco there are limitations as to where people may participate. 

Can you bring a vape pen on a plane?

Many places considering vaping and smoking to be the same. Laws consider them the same in many regards and most policies that limit smoking apply to vaping as well. But what about bringing a vape on a plane? Passengers are welcome to bring tobacco if they don’t smoke during the flight, but flying with a vape has additional risks. 

This begs the question: can you bring a vape on a plane? Can you vape on a plane or in the airport before your flight? What about e-liquids? What amount of e-liquid are you allowed to bring?

can you bring a vape juice on a plane airline restrictions carry-on/checked bags

Let’s take a look at the TSA’s regulations for cigarette and vaping devices, and what you should expect when you bring your vape to an airport.

Can you bring a vape on a plane?

Simply put - yes! You can bring a vaping device on a plane, but there are some restrictions. All electronic nicotine delivery systems must remain in your carry on bags for the safety of all passengers. You can’t put them in your checked baggage, as batteries more likely to explode in the cargo holding area than in the pressurized cabin. If it’s in the aircraft cabin in carry on baggage, the pressurized air helps the product and battery function as designed. Some airlines may have internal rules about vaping devices. Contact your airline for additional restrictions before your flight to make sure you are in compliance.

Can you use your vape on an airplane?

aircraft cabin vape on a plane carry on baggage pen juice

You cannot use your vape during a flight. It should stay in your carry on baggage until you land, similarly to cigarettes or other tobacco products. Planes are small, enclosed areas and while your juice may smell great to you, it may not be pleasant for the person sitting next to you. Smoking is strictly prohibited on planes and there are no exceptions for vaping. 

If you purchased a vape pen starter kit, simply store in luggage pocket or backpack. Alternatively, you may have a small carrying case that fits your gear. Use this to store it in your carry on bags and it’ll be safe until you your destination.

Can you bring vape juice on a plane?

Like all liquid products, vaping juice is subject to the TSA’s standard restrictions. According to their website, passengers are allowed to bring liquids of 3.4 ounces or less (a typical travel size container) in their carry on. If any singular item contains more than 3.4 ounces of liquid, it must fly in your checked bag. 

Like any liquid product, it’s important to store it correctly for maximum safety and cleanliness. Traveling can jar containers open, causing spills and loss of product. The TSA recommends you pack your vape juice in a small, plastic bag to keep your luggage clean from any mess during the flight.

Can you vape at the airport?

can you bring a vape pen on a plane vaping nicotine at airport

Every airport is different. Their rules for electronic cigarette and vaping consumption vary. Some offer designated areas for smoking and vaping, others prohibit it strictly. Cigarette and vaping devices are not allowed inside at most airports and must be used outside the building to be in compliance with local regulations.

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