Switch2PHIX New Zealand Tour: Summer Fun with Massive Health Benefits

February 18, 2019

Switch2PHIX New Zealand Tour: Summer Fun with Massive Health Benefits

Massive Health Benefits Showcased at the Northern Bass Switch2PHIX New Zealand Tour! NY hip-hop favorite Joey Bada$$, drum & bass renegades Pendulum and The Upbeats, local DnB heroes premiered at the Northern Bass Festival in New Zealand this past New Years! PHIX was happy to host an e-cigarette charging booth, while these artists joined the dazzling lineup of Action Bronson, DJ Nu-Mark (Jurassic 5), LTJ Bukem and AJ Tracey.

The PHIX group down in New Zealand (VapeMerchant Crew) joined fun, helping more than 300 smokers stop smoking cigs during the party by switching to PHIX vape pens! The convenient vape charging station opened up for anyone needing a recharge. Just plugging in for 30-minutes gave people enough to last for another full day vaping. Check out how easy it is to stop smoking and enjoy being smoke-free when you #Switch2PHIX!

PHIX New Zealand Summer Fun Health Benefits tour

E-Cigarettes are Decisively Less Damaging to Health than Tobacco Products

To dive more deeply into the science of vaping, an independent review published recently by Public Health England (PHE) found that e-cigarettes are decisively less damaging to health than tobacco products and have the benefit of helping smokers stop smoking. It also revealed how there's no evidence so far that e-cigarettes are acting as a route into smoking for children or non-smokers!

The review's main findings include:

  • Almost half the world's population (44.8%) does not realize how e-cigarettes are a lot less damaging than tobacco
  • The best estimates of today show that e-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco
  • There's no evidence so far that vapor e- cigarettes are acting as a route into smoking for children or non-smokers

Switch2PHIX: Massive Health Benefits

The examination, directed by Professor Peter Hajek, Professor Kevin Fenton and Professor Ann McNeill, indicates that e-cigarettes might be helping with the smoking rates that are falling in young people and adults. After the review, Public Health England released a review on the effect of the evidence that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco in terms of practices and policies.

Professor Linda Bauld, an expert in cancer prevention for Cancer Research U.K., mentioned the following:

Concerns about e-cigarettes making smoking seem normal — or even leading to people taking up the habit of smoking — are not being substantiated with the evidence available through this significant independent review. The general evidence shows that e-cigarettes actually help people give up the act of smoking tobacco.

Lisa Surtees is a director at Fresh Smoke Free North East, a premier region where every local campaign to help people stop smoking actively endorses e-cigarettes stated that:

"Even though we're making great progress in reducing the number of people who smoke, tobacco is still the lead killer in our locale. The locals have stayed open-minded toward the use of e-cigarettes because of the massive health benefits we can see from switching."

PHIX New Zealand Summer Fun Vapor Health Benefits

Source: VapeMerchant, Gov.UK

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