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PHIX is at the forefront when it comes to clever and unique design, and providing the perfect satisfying sensation to your nicotine cravings. Since the launch of PHIX in mid 2016, we have been helping smokers make the switch to PHIX and find a healthier lifestyle.

PHIX offers a variety of flavors, which allows our consumers to find the perfect match. Our flavors are created from the award winning brand and flavor lineup from Brewell MFG. Brewell MFG has been sharing its passion for creating poplular eliquid flavor around the world for the past 6 years.

The proprietary nicotine formulation created used in the PHIX has the perfect characteristics to emulate a sensation unmatched by any other closed system device. This proprietary blend was specifically designed for the PHIX pods and device and underwent development for 1 year before the launch of PHIX.

About PHIX


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First and foremost, we have been involved in the vaping industry for the past 6 years. Our involvement in this industry was purely focused to help the people of the world quit smoking while providing a culture and lifestyle to do so. As former smokers ourselves, we have tried all the different devices and eliquids offered on the market and just never quite had a product help us completely make the switch. With all the knowledge learned from the vaping industry, we are proud to create a device that we feel any person on the planet will feel comfortable using while getting the complete satisfaction needed to fill the craving for a cigarette.


Our goal is to give adult smokers a healthier alternative to smoking and help the billion smokers on the planet make the switch. The PHIX is created with all things in mind: form factor, convenience, flavors & sensation

We are fully engaged in helping with preventing any form of underage smoking and we will continue to only market our product to adult smokers. Our platforms use multiple safety precautions to ensure our consumers are of legal smoking age.


We have used the best technology known in the vape industry and have also innovated certain aspects to make it the best closed system to date. Even with all the different options brought to the market, we stay at the forefront of the industry due to our advanced technology and perfected formulation. Our flavors are held at the highest standards and continue to win awards around the world.

Tokewell Interview | Meet the man behind PHIX & Brewell

Tokewell Interview | Meet the man behind PHIX & Brewell

August 27, 2018

David Lee introduced the PHIX flavor options  and vape device product, which is a vapor machine that has brought only some of the best flavors to the forefront and changed the vape game.  He knows that vaping is a much healthier alternative than regular cigarette smoking, and that is why he continues to push the envelope in the vaping game. His recent product will probably put him on the map for more than just vaping.

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Top 6 Reasons Small Vape Mods Are Growing in Popularity

Top 6 Reasons Small Vape Mods Are Growing in Popularity

October 08, 2018

Phix small vape mods are all the rage right now. Whether you’re buying your first e-cigarette or your fifth, there’s a good chance that you’re considering picking up a pod mod – and with good reason. Let’s explore them more deeply and find out what makes them so popular. The best pod mods on the market use a new form of e liquid called nicotine salt e-liquid... Nicotine Salts Provide Satisfaction and Smoothness. Switching to a Mini Vape Mod Reduces E-Liquid Consumption. A Pod Mod Lets You Inhale the Way You Want...

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Shane Sheckler on Board With The Phix

October 19, 2018

Most will recognize the namesake of Shane Sheckler as he is the brother of pro skateboarder, Ryan Sheckler.  Shane has also opened-up about his cigarette usage as a teen, admitting that he has smoked a pack per day since he was 14-years-old.  hane stumbled upon PHIX website in his search... Shane cites PHIX as the number one contributor to removing cigarettes from his day to day life.  The Phix pod flavors offered, and the ease of use are what makes it his vaporizer of choice.  Find out why Shane Sheckler chose PHIX and how it fits into his everyday lifestyle!

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