Shane Sheckler on Board With The Phix

October 19, 2018

Most will recognize the namesake of Shane Sheckler as he is the brother of pro skateboarder, Ryan Sheckler. Shane adopts the same love for the sport as Ryan does and has been training young skaters for over 10 years now. Shane is an inspirational figure to many, as his ideals have helped mold young minds into setting their goals high and chasing their dreams, whether it be skateboarding or additional career-seeking opportunities. Shane has also opened-up about his cigarette usage as a teen, admitting that he has smoked a pack per day since he was 14-years-old. Applying that image to his career, Shane knew he had to make a change to increase his marketability as a mentor and a teacher to the younger generation.

Shane Got Phix'd 

Shane was a constant pessimist in his search for a replacement product for cigarettes. Scaling through the many different brands and products, finding that many products didn't equate to the level of elevation that cigarettes provided. Shane stumbled upon PHIX in his search and has never turned back. PHIX is the smoking alternative to cigarettes. Limiting the nicotine levels can help wean users off cigarettes while still obtaining that natural high that they have come to know and love. Shane cites PHIX as the number one contributor to removing cigarettes from his day to day life. The Phix pod flavors offered, and the ease of use are what makes it his vaporizer of choice.

Turnkey Solution Backed by a Solid Warranty

PHIX takes the headache out of product selection and output levels, setting their bar at the same rate across the brand. They manufacture their goods to hold a 3-12 month warranty. The application process for a warranty or returning your products with defect is seamless and only takes a few minutes to fill-out the web form. PHIX is manufactured out of Brea, California, and their flavor inclusion comes via Brewell MFG. While the PHIX brand currently possesses five flavor options (plus three INFZN), Brewell has many different flavor collections in their repertoire, so additional limited edition flavors could be on the horizon.

Phix Has Mad Love for Shane

Endorsing this product has helped Shane reach new cliental and spread a more positive message on the dangers of cigarettes. Reducing his chemical intake has given Shane a new outlook on life and saved him a ton of money in the process. PHIX operates via pod mod usage, limiting the need to refill juicers or fiddle with your device. Simply dispose of the pod after usage. PHIX continues to grow in terms of marketing and outreach, keeping our brand name at the top of the vaporizer list.

Find out why Shane Sheckler chose PHIX and how it fits into his everyday lifestyle!

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Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For adults of legal purchase age only.