The Inception of Phix

October 25, 2018

whats a phix

Let’s start with basic questions of “What is a PHIX? Is the PHIX for me?”

First and foremost, we have been involved in the vaping industry for the past 6 years. Our involvement in this industry was purely focused to help the people of the world quit smoking while providing a culture and lifestyle to do so. As former smokers ourselves, we have tried all the different devices and e-liquids offered on the market and just never quite had a product help us completely make the switch. With all the knowledge learned from the vaping industry, we are proud to create a device that we feel any person on the planet will feel comfortable using while getting the complete satisfaction needed to fill the craving for a cigarette.

The PHIX has been around since the beginning of August 2016, and has no intentions of disappearing in this industry. The PHIX has helped thousands of people switch over to a healthier alternative to cigarettes. What sets us apart is our great variety of flavors, and solid product that brings you back over and over. We do not intend to forget who brought us here today and that is your loyal following so...

Let’s get back to the PHIX. Here are some safety features and specs of the PHIX.

- Overcharge protection chip

- 320 mah Grade A battery

- Battery light indicator

   -Blue (full charge)

   -Orange (medium charge)

   -Red (low charge

- Engraved PHIX logo

- Solid base design (base won't get pushed in)

- Juice window (can also be used as an airflow control if closed with fingers)

- Water resistant components

Phix is fully engaged with preventing any form of underage smoking and we will continue to only market our product to adult smokers. Our platforms use multiple safety precautions to ensure our consumers are of legal smoking age.

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