PHIX | Brewell MFG at IECIE show in Shenzhen, China

May 04, 2018

IECIE vape expo vaping show china shenzen

Millions of people are hooked on cigarettes and have had a difficult time kicking the habit for one reason or another. Today though, individuals all over the world quit their addiction to cigarettes by using vaping products. Vaping is a real alternative for those who have tried to stop smoking tobacco before and haven't been successful. 

Do you know that in 2015 Public Health England found vaping to be 95 percent less harmful than smoking tobacco? Likewise, a 2017 study by the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that e-cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes because less cancer-causing chemicals ate ingested through vaping. 

Whether you have a health issue or just wanting to switch to something that satisfies your nicotine craving yet is not as harmful as smoking cigarettes with combustible fire, then a mini vape mod is the answer.

IECIE: The Year of the Pod

In China, at the IECIE convention this year, the pod system was a big hit. The IECIE was the largest trade show ever for the vaping industry. At the show, it was clear that manufacturers in China are moving into what's referred to in the industry as the vape nic salt juice category. 

Even vaping itself is big news in China, which many people don't realize has almost as many smokers - 300 million - as there are are people in the United States. China is by far the world's largest tobacco consumer and smoking is ingrained in its culture. Because smoking is one of China's biggest public health threats, vaping has seen a boom in China. Vaping has arisen as a potential way to reduce China's dependence on tobacco and improve the health of its citizens. 

In recent years, China has experienced some success in combating tobacco smoking. The government has raised the tax on tobacco cigarettes and banned people from smoking in indoor public places. But, vaping perhaps holds the most promise. Since late 2016, the vaping industry in China has exploded. Where there used to be just a few vaping shops in metropolitan areas like Beijing and Shanghai, now there are hundreds of shops selling e-liquids and vaporizers. 

Vaping is exploding in Korea, too...

Korea is also a big market for vaping products, as evidenced by their large vaping convention this year called Vape Korea Expo 2018. Phix Vapor (PHIX) is an example of one of the most progressive manufacturers and marketers in the 

growing industry as they release their high-tech closed pod mini vape system. Some of their most popular e-liquid flavors include Blue Raspberry, Cool Melon, Hard Strawberry, Butterscotch Tobacco, and Spearmint Tobacco. 

Phix Vapor, for example, has been credited with helping many people quit tobacco smoking, such as Shane Sheckler, the brother of skateboarding sensation Ryan Sheckler. Shane had been smoking a pack a day since he was 14 years old. He is the first to admit that the Phix is the single most important factor in him being able to kick the tobacco habit because of the Phix vape flavor options and how easy the company's closed pod system is to use. 


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